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Dr. Ileana Rivera is an immigration attorney with 10 years of experience. In 2013, she co-founded an immigration law firm mentored by her partner. She learned the basics of immigration but struggled to find practical resources to learn how to organize an immigration application. Since then, she has practiced immigration law exclusively and has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to defending immigrants. In 2023, she founded Immigration Education to make immigration processes understandable and accessible to all. She is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Dr. Rivera speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Education and Experience: BBA from the University of Puerto Rico in 1993. 20 years of management experience in the private and government sectors. Juris Doctor from Interamerican University in 2013. Bar member of the Puerto Rico Bar and the US District Court. Obtained diverse legal experience at the Public Defender’s Office, Bankruptcy Court, Interamerican University Legal Clinic, and Pro Bono for PR Bar Association. Most notably, she worked with students for two years at the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, implementing an educational program for visitors on the judicial system and the history of the Supreme Court.

“Immigration applications are complex and time-consuming. One of the biggest challenges is finding qualified personnel for the law firm. Most candidates are not versed in immigration and need training. I founded Immigration Education to provide practical training courses to paralegals and other legal professionals. I want to make immigration processes understandable and accessible to all”

Ileana R. – Founder & Educator

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What We Do

We empower learners through an advanced online education experience. We offer diverse, high-quality video courses, lessons, case studies, and resources. You get a certificate for each completed course. Our platform is a gateway to expertise, connecting you with industry-leading instructors to acquire and develop new skills, advance your career, and grow your potential. Discover a dynamic learning environment where knowledge meets convenience, shaping the future of immigration, making education accessible to all.

This courses are like no other. I got everything I needed to know about employment authorization and feel confident to complete the application online. The explanation made it easy to follow. Thank you so much for the resources they are a big help!

Gregory A.

The asylum course is detailed and complete. It has the explanation on how to apply for work authorization. Excellent course.

Luis F.

If you need to learn how to apply for an immigration process, here is the solution. The courses are affordable and explain what you need to know. I recommend 100%.

Carmen G.

Great courses! I study one per day and they are super easy to follow. The supplemental materials are a life saver. Highly recommended.

Stephanie D.

I learned how to organize a VAWA petition is just a few hours. The video and the lesson explained the process step by step. They are super easy to follow. I completely understood!

Oscar H.

I am happy with the training class. It is an all-in-one place course. The materials are a practical guide with samples. Very complete. Good value for the money paid. This knowledge helps me advance in my immigration career. I am grateful to have found the series of courses and will spread the word.

Rebecca W

I only knew about asylum application and in the last few weeks I have learned two new processes with this system. The classes help me grow and get new skills. Strongly recommend it.

Allison B.
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